Interested people can complete a questionnaire with images and terms about the six mayor areas of human development right here on the website. Of course, it is possible to deliver the questionnaire via e-mail or regular mail if necessary. The filling process is simple and does not require much time. To begin, follow the instructions on how to complete the form. The Analysis Centre of Ido.World is always available in case you have any questions.

The results are determined as quickly as possible and with strict adherence to data protection. If necessary, additional consultations and / or treatments for specialist and certain professionals can be specially made, thus reducing costs.

By this means a further aspect of the Ido.World analysis is fulfilled. Not only interested private people are able to take preventive measures in the light of comprehensive knowledge. People with specific core competences, such as business consultants, coaches & trainers in all fields, personnel managers, doctors, psychologists, allopathic & alternative therapists, pastoral workers & ministers and other professionals, who want to rely on a perfectly balanced analysis system, can have permanent access to a high-precision tool that lets them quickly find the current mental state of someone’s personality. Due to its enormous efficiency, it can be performed for groups of virtually any size too.